12 Week Personal Development Program

Success Coach Charles DonaghueYour destiny can be predicted by how you programme your brain and you have the power to do this at anytime.

The Power of Coaching helps you to;

  • Discover your hidden talents and abilities
  • Develop a stronger self-image and personality
  • Find out what is holding you back
  • Clearly define the results you want
  • Develop an effective plan
  • Be intensely focused to increase personal development


Most people read motivational books or go to seminars and start feeling enthusiastic Then the negativity starts to creep in from relatives, friends and work associates. The fire is dampened because your brain was programmed by the time you were age 16 and can’t be beaten unless you reprogramme it. Personal development coaching stops all that.

Commit yourself to this 12 Week Personal Development Programme which will give you individual growth and personal power.

This unique program was developed for those who want to discover the unleashed brain power within them, those who dare to believe that dreams can come true. It is performance psychology that begins working deep within you and then radiates outward. Your life begins to transform in a very positive direction leaving you feeling more fulfilled.


  • A 4 minute video clip with Charles Donoghue
  • A 4 page module on how to change your thinking
  • A Chapter of Charles’ E-book “You Have Choices”


  • Creating a powerful self-image
  • Attracting success
  • How to change your habits
  • Handling discipline
  • How to achieve your master plan
  • How To Become An Achiever
  • Take Control of your life
  • Looking For Opportunities
  • The Power of Your mind
  • How To Get Rid Of Negatives And Build Confidence

The 12 Week Personal Development Program

Normally it would cost you up to $1000 per hour to see Charles in person. This 12 week course is  like having Charles with you every step of the way and at only a fraction of the price.

The 12 Week Personal Development Program is only $117


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