8 Habits to Improve Work Life

We’ve got eight tips of the latter variety to help you easily improve your work life.

1. Meet with your boss regularly.

If your boss isn’t the hands-on type, make sure you take the initiative to meet with him/her regularly. A boss who doesn’t know who you are won’t assign you great projects or promote you, and you can’t make your boss look great unless you know his/her priorities. Aim to meet with your boss at least once a week to discuss the status of your latest projects.

2. Say hello and goodbye to your co-workers.

Workplace rituals help you maintain a sense of control and security to combat your daily stresses. A simple one to try is to say hello and goodbye to your co-workers each day. It improves your relationship with your colleagues and bookends your day, so you have a clear signal to start and finish your workday.

3. Keep a work journal.

Keeping a work journal forces you to answer the same work-related questions each day, reflecting on your successes and your struggles. By doing so, you’ll gain a far better understanding of your professional life and how you can improve it. Perhaps you’ll discover an underlying work issue you might not have noticed otherwise, or learn what to look for at your next position. For a sample list of questions, check out this article from LevoLeague.

4. Implement the 30-Second Habit.

Did you know 30 seconds could change your life? Just use that time after every lecture or meeting to write down the important points. Refining your takeaway from each experience teaches you to focus your listening and how to help others better, which will improve your professional success. You can learn more about this 30-second habit at the Huffington Post.

5. Perform regular self-assessments.

Don’t wait until the end of the quarter to panic about your performance review. Go in prepared by performing your own self-assessments. At the end of each week, set aside 30 minutes to review your accomplishments. What did you do well? What can you do better? Implement a plan to improve next week, and keep a record of these weekly self-assessments so you can show your employer during your review. Make sure to note your achievements by explaining with numbers how they benefited the company.

6. Read the news each morning.

Yes, it’s easier to turn the news on your TV at night – but when you do that, do you actually pay attention? Instead, schedule a time each morning to catch up with current events. Listen to the radio on your commute, or enjoy breakfast while you browse the latest headlines. For best results, select one major daily news publication and one industry-specific publication to follow. This way, you’ll be abreast of any potential issues that could affect your career.

7. Replace caffeine breaks with workout breaks.

It’s tempting to run to the nearest coffeehouse when your energy slumps at 4PM. But drinking caffeine so late in the day screws up your sleep schedule, making you even more tired the next day. Try working out at your desk instead – exercise improves blood flow to the muscles, which helps you feel more alert. Short bursts of activity throughout the day will also combat the dangerous effects of sitting.

8. Use visualization techniques.

You might think visualizing success at work is for dreamers. But if it works for Olympic athletes, it can’t hurt to try. Next time you have a big presentation at work, ease your stage fright by visualizing an excellent performance. Don’t just think about it haphazardly – incorporate all of your senses. Hear the laughs during your jokes, picture the expression on your boss’ face, and feel the draft of the room’s AC on your shoulders. Of course, visualization isn’t effective without proper preparation, andcan backfire in certain instances. But if you’re otherwise well-prepared and need to relax, visualization can be the key to success.

8 Habits to Improve Work Life – Success Coaching.


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