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Aligning Keyword & Content Types with Business Goals

Lately it seems like content marketing is the new SEO. It’s become a bit of a buzzword. But when you slap a trendy label on something, it’s easy to start overthinking it. Ten years ago, everyone with a website was producing content of one kind or another. Then we started worrying about SEO – how to make that content more visible and available to search engine visitors. Now that “content marketing” is the word of the day, people are stressing about what “content” means and how they can “create great content.”

But the truth is, for most businesses, your goals haven’t really changed. You’re still just trying to get people to your website to do whatever it is you want them to do – to buy your widgets, as it were. Advertising is one way to accomplish that; content marketing is another. So when we talk about content marketing, what we’re really talking about is creating whatever kind of online stuff is most likely to attract the kind of people who might like your widgets. It doesn’t matter what kind of widgets you sell; if there’s a market for them at all, there’s probably a kind of content that would speak to that market.

So your job, as a would-be content marketer, is to:

  1. Define your goals
  2. Do preliminary keyword research
  3. Align your goals and keyword types with the right content

Let’s walk through each step in a little more detail.

Step 1: Define Your Goals

As with any marketing strategy, the first step is defining your business goals. What are you trying to achieve with your content? Most businesses with a web presence are trying to achieve some combination of the following goals:

  • Lead generation – Service-based companies, many local businesses (e.g. lawyers, dentists), and businesses that sell through a sales force are usually looking for leads. (Your content should inspire trust in your ability to serve the customer.)
  • Traffic, return readership – Traffic in and of itself is important for sites supported by ad revenue. More traffic also widens your lead funnel. (Your content should be exceptionally informative and/or entertaining.)
  • Product sales – Sales are the primary goal for e-commerce businesses. (Your content should persuade people to buy.)
  • Links – In addition to increasing your referral traffic, links give your whole website a lift in authority and rankings. (Your content should be highly shareable and/or a resource worth returning to.)

Having your goals in mind from the start will guide you through the process of strategizing and creating your content.

Step 2: Find Keywords that Align With Your Goals

There are really two ways to proceed from here. You can start by thinking about:

  • What kinds of content would attract the people you want to visit your site, and then figure out what types of keywords best align with that type of content, OR
  • What kinds of keywords your audience would use, and then create content that suits those keywords.

Frame it in the way that makes most sense to you. Either way, the key point to remember is that your end goal should inform both your keyword research and your content strategy.

Here are some examples of how different goals can align with different keyword and content types:

Content Marketing Goal Alignment

Depending on the kinds of keywords you’re looking for, you may find that different keyword tools suit your needs. For example, there are tools specific to social media or competitive research, and some keyword tools offer more long-tail terms than others.

Step 3: Putting it All Together

Creating content with your goals and keywords worked out ahead of time makes you much more likely to reach your intended audience. With this process in mind, you’ll be better able to:

  • Create content that is suited to your audience, in terms of length, style, tone, format, etc.
  • Focus your on-page optimization efforts around the right keyword.
  • Design your content so as to guide the visitor to the action your want her to take, whether that’s buying your widget or calling in to make an appointment.

Content marketing isn’t really new, but it may be a new way for you to think about reaching potential customers. Instead of going out into the world and screaming for attention (with display ads and push email campaigns, for example), how can you create value that brings potential customers to you?

This article originally appeared on Internet Marketing Blog by WordStreamand has been republished with permission.

12 Week Personal Development Program

Success Coach Charles DonaghueYour destiny can be predicted by how you programme your brain and you have the power to do this at anytime.

The Power of Coaching helps you to;

  • Discover your hidden talents and abilities
  • Develop a stronger self-image and personality
  • Find out what is holding you back
  • Clearly define the results you want
  • Develop an effective plan
  • Be intensely focused to increase personal development


Most people read motivational books or go to seminars and start feeling enthusiastic Then the negativity starts to creep in from relatives, friends and work associates. The fire is dampened because your brain was programmed by the time you were age 16 and can’t be beaten unless you reprogramme it. Personal development coaching stops all that.

Commit yourself to this 12 Week Personal Development Programme which will give you individual growth and personal power.

This unique program was developed for those who want to discover the unleashed brain power within them, those who dare to believe that dreams can come true. It is performance psychology that begins working deep within you and then radiates outward. Your life begins to transform in a very positive direction leaving you feeling more fulfilled.


  • A 4 minute video clip with Charles Donoghue
  • A 4 page module on how to change your thinking
  • A Chapter of Charles’ E-book “You Have Choices”


  • Creating a powerful self-image
  • Attracting success
  • How to change your habits
  • Handling discipline
  • How to achieve your master plan
  • How To Become An Achiever
  • Take Control of your life
  • Looking For Opportunities
  • The Power of Your mind
  • How To Get Rid Of Negatives And Build Confidence

The 12 Week Personal Development Program

Normally it would cost you up to $1000 per hour to see Charles in person. This 12 week course is  like having Charles with you every step of the way and at only a fraction of the price.

The 12 Week Personal Development Program is only $117


Why Motivation Doesn’t Last Long – The Need To Reprogramme Your Brain

Many people after they have either read an inspirational or motivational book or heard a motivational speaker become very excited and enthusiastic. Within four to six weeks the enthusiasm wanes and their suddenly new found excitement disappears.

Why does this happen when the author or speaker was probably first class and very successful? Why does the motivation not last?

The reason for this conundrum is because the human mind is programmed at a very early age and most of the programming is of a negative nature, which restricts achievement of the human potential. As a result of this disinformation the person develops a very limiting belief or expectation of themselves and performs accordingly for the remainder of their life unless they are fortunate enough to learn how to reprogramme themselves.

It is almost like that same person deciding to refurbish their entire home because they want a new type of living being that they are fed up with the old style, as it doesn’t do much for them. So they move all their old furniture into the garage with the intention of looking at a major change by purchasing new and exciting furniture and fittings. Over the next few days and before they have a chance to really refurnish the home they look around at the bare rooms and decide to bring back in at least a few chosen items to fill the void. First it is a picture perhaps then a chair and before you know it everything is back as usual. Do you get the picture? Why do they do this? The old stuff feels more comfortable and familiar.

How does this relate to the human mind? It is important to remember a person will always perform and relate to others consistently with the picture they hold of themselves. If that picture has no limitations and is full of positive expectation for their future then they can achieve almost anything. If their picture is limiting then they will be restricted in their achievements and their personal relationships until a major change takes place in their belief system, which requires that person to reprogramme the human computer called the brain.


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