Condition Yourself to Win

The Olympic Gold medallist doesn’t achieve the medal simply by turning up. The athlete trains every day in preparation for the big event by conditioning, disciplining and feeding the body with the correct nourishment and exercise. The same applies to the mind and to learning.

Most learning is conditioned learning and many people condition themselves to fail through negative self-talk, as a consequence of this negative self-talk their belief system changes and they develop a poor self-image which in turn fulfils their belief that they will never be able to achieve anything worthwhile because now they can’t see it.
Over ninety percent of what you hear is negative talk and many of the media think we will buy that.
From the thousands of conversations I have had with people over the years I have come to the conclusion that many people condition themselves negatively.

How often have you told yourself “You silly idiot, look what you have done!” “Stupid me!”, “I knew I’d do that wrong!”. What is happening is self-punishment or conditioning yourself to make changes in your behaviour. But of course it doesn’t work anymore than the physical punishment that was handed out when I was at school. In the first instance you are rejecting yourself therefore it is likely you will go on repeating this behaviour.

The key to success lies in being positive and being gentle and nurturing to yourself, that way you can condition yourself to be a winner. It won’t happen all of a sudden but it will happen


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