Overcoming Worry

Science tells us our life’s experiences are processed by our body’s cells and metabolized according to our views. It’s not just a matter of processing information via our senses. The fact is that we literally “become” the interpretation as we process the information internally.

If you are worried then you will project that to every cell of your body, the neurotransmitters in your brain seize up, sleep evades you, your hormone levels drop and your blood thickens.

Human beings have the ability to create in the mind a picture of a negative situation when one doesn’t exist, to expect the worst and convert fears into physical symptoms, as though they really existed. Have you ever found yourself starting to sweat, all because of thinking about something which may never happen? Or experienced a cold shiver down your neck and feel the hairs on your arms stand to attention, all because of a thought process that was only one of many potential outcomes? This happens because these experiences created by the mind are an example of the negative programming of your brain.

Worrying won’t help you reach a better outcome, if anything it will tell you to expect the worst and the worst is probably what you will get. Worry has a definite effect on your health and results in problems, like stress often leading to depression.

The key to overcoming worry lies in believing you can overcome it and live a life free from worry. This begs the question – Why do you worry?
We all have different reasons and about different things, but the amazing thing about worry is that you never worry about anything positive. Have you ever worried about winning the lottery or a holiday or about how good you are at some sport or hobby? You can overcome worry. Whilst I may not be in your situation but I do know a common denominator about worry is that it is generated by the mind, by the imagination and if you imagine something strongly enough you can and will attract that factor into your life.

What you are doing is adding worry to your belief system, your expectations, which helps you prepare for the worst. It is far healthier to concentrate on the full range of possible outcomes, and focus on the positive, as it is far more likely to happen that way. When you imagine something so vividly you begin to think it could happen, in no time you see it as being the only thing that could possibly happen, and eventually you experience the symptoms of someone who knows that it definitely will happen.

How to eliminate worry.

There are many techniques for eliminating worry and one of these is to think of a time when you felt worried about something, but which never actually eventuated and when it didn’t happen you felt so relieved. This was simply the release of tension that you needlessly built up in yourself. Take yourself back to that event and take your present perceived worry with you. Try to imagine yourself there now, how did the original worry feel inside, play the scene over in your mind, how does it make you feel. Feel the relief that the situation turned out well and that there was nothing to worry about. Compare now the differences in the images that you experience, notice the aspects of the positive actual experience, it was probably calm. Immediately think of a positive ending, Notice how the positive ending plays through your mind like the actual ending mentioned previously, notice the similarities.

Hold this thought for as long as you can and return to it if the worry still bothers you. This process erases the possibility of negative endings occurring in your imagination. In the future as your imagination creates a problem, your conscious analytical mind will look at it and say, no, I don’t believe that can happen and delete it before it begins. Whenever you experience a situation or when you feel worried about something, try this technique and start reprogramming your brain. You won’t have to use it for long before you experience a long term difference.

Worrying is a waste of your mental and physical energies. You get what you focus on. So focus on the solution to your problem rather than focus on the problem. Not being in control of your anxieties and worries will become a thing of the past and you will live a more fulfilling and happy life. Use your power of awareness to build the mind you want. Remembering of course, that all anxieties and problems will pass.


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