Programming The Mind To Win

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Performance Psychology Coach


Smart businesses are now investing in programming staff through performance psychology and neurobics. Either through ignorance or accepting the status quo about their own capabilities, many never discover the secrets to changing their performance or behaviour. This year many companies will linger on the border of great growth and potential yet will never appreciably advance very far because of restricted belief. Some will be holding meetings to discuss increases in production and profits. They will put their staff on courses in the hope that major changes will eventuate. Some will benefit from such moves but unfortunately they will be short lived. What is called for is a psychological approach to the personal development of every employee to show them how to change their thinking patterns. This will involve a radical approach to planning and thinking if businesses really want to see major changes in sales performance in people skills and profits.
Here are a few additional ideas which will bring amazing results.


To grow the business you need to want to grow then think growth. Firstly affirm your belief that you have the know how to make it happen and then develop the driving need to keep it moving. Look for the fun as well as the challenge. Fun mindedness prevents the negatives creeping in and undoing the new-programmed mind. Once you stop aspiring to greatness you stop the programming process and then your business is likely to stagnate. Management and staff need to be trained to programme to work at their highest potential which is absolutely impossible without a new belief system.


Think of new ways to kick-start this year and make your message contagious. Make your message viral. What was the last movie you saw? Where did you source the information about it? The newspaper? A preview? Or was it a friend who had seen it first then told you? Usually it is the latter. This is called network advertising. Your friend saw the movie and couldn’t wait to tell someone. Perhaps it wasn’t a movie your friend saw but a product X and Blah, blah and so on. The “Have you heard about…….” Virus is the most powerful business tool available. Traditional advertising is no longer the powerful mogul it was. What is needed is viral marketing which e-commerce and the Internet are well aware of. Re programme your thinking about marketing your products or services. Develop your own marketing virus.


Another aspect of growing the business is reprogramming that neuron in your brain that says you’re the boss. Do this and you will experience great personal growth. Now is the time to take stock. What are your personal strengths? Maybe it’s in the area of sales direction. If so maybe that’s the area in which you should spend more time and hire or promote from within someone else to take over your role. Build trust among your staff new or existing to execute the new role. They must be able to trust you to give them free reign and to know that you will allow them to make mistakes without fear of reprisal


Solve problems easily. All it takes is a new mind-set. Stop waiting until there is a problem, and then try to solve it. Be vigilant in the first place and avoid problems where possible. This requires the new mind-set. Einstein once said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind-set that got you into the problem in the first place.


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